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The Generous Prenup: How to Support Your Marriage and Avoid the Pitfalls

By Laurie Israel, Attorney/Mediator


This comprehensive guidebook covers all aspects of prenups and is intended for people marrying, their family, friends and advisors. The book will be helpful to people considering having prenups, their lawyers, mediators, and financial advisors.

Married people who are wondering how money affects their marriages will also find helpful content.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The Prenup Myth
Chapter 1: Why I Changed My Mind about Prenups
Chapter 2: Who Might Think They Need a Prenup? The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Chapter 3: Who Else Might Benefit from a Prenup?
Chapter 4: What Are “Generous” Prenups and the Role of “Contribution” in Marriage?
Chapter 5: How Did Prenups Originate and How Popular Are They?
Chapter 6: How Do People Get a Divorce? Let Me Count the Ways
Chapter 7: What Happens If You Marry without a Prenup?
Chapter 8: Prenups for Wealthy People and for People from Wealthy Families
Chapter 9: Do I Need a Prenup to Protect My Business?
Chapter 10: How a Prenup Can Help with Estate Planning
Chapter 11: The “Gray” Prenup: Should Senior Newlyweds Prenup, Too?
Chapter 12: Are LGBT Prenups Different from Other Types?
Chapter 13: She’s Coming from a Foreign Country to Marry Me. What about Immigrant Spouse Prenups?
Chapter 14: Prenups with Infidelity Clauses and Other “Lifestyle” Provisions
Chapter 15: What’s Alimony Have to Do with It?
Chapter 16: What Are the Drawbacks of Prenups?
Chapter 17: Is There a Way to Make Both Parties Happy?
Chapter 18: Are All Prenups Enforceable?
Chapter 19: The Postnup: A Powerful Tool to Be Handled with Care
Chapter 20: What Are the Ways to Begin the Process?
Chapter 21: Lawyer or Mediator: How Can We Find a Good One?
Legal Disclaimer

Published by Integrity Registry Press. © 2018 Laurie Israel. All rights reserved.

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Laurie Israel is a lawyer and mediator practicing in Brookline, Massachusetts. Her writings on prenups have appeared in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Huffington Post. She can be contacted at